About - Michael Shapiro Photography

Michael was raised by his Mama and his Babushka, in a small apartment by the Black Sea. He lived there until the age of nineteen, when he traveled from Odessa to America, to begin his new life. Living several years in Brooklyn NY and helping to care for his family, he learned a new culture, a new language, and had to make new friends. Some years later he left the shore behind and traveled inland to the Capital Region. It was here he was able to raise his own family and follow his own passion in Photography. Michael currently lives in Clifton Park with his wife and photography partner- Karen (owner of Tailored Portraits) . Together they raise their five children, two cats, and when Karen finally gets her way, they will have a Great Dane.

Traveling a very long way and leaving everything behind, was not easy. Many of the things that families pass down to one another, Michael did not receive. He did not get his grandfather’s clock, his grandmother’s fine china or his Mama’s favorite locket. The only thing he has left with to remind him of those days, are his images. He cherishes his professionally captured images of a young boy in his home. Images, so clear and crisp, that Michael can almost remember the gentle cuddle from his Mama as she reminds him to smile. It is in these photographs that he is reminded of the kinds of clothes he wore and toys he loved and his favorite places to play. He can see the images of family he left behind and places in his neighborhood that he will never see again.

A single photograph holds so much information. It gives us a window into his past and places he might not ever get to see again. Michael knows the importance of memories and how a single photograph can take you wherever you want to go.

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